Monday, November 19, 2012

Scrumptious New Holiday Flavor Alterra / Flavia Coffees!

Alterra Pumpkin Spice Coffee for Flavia Single Cup Machines
Gingerbread Alterra Coffee
It's finally happened- Flavia / Alterra has come out with two delish holiday flavors for 2012: Gingerbread & Pumpkin Spice coffees!

          These new Alterra holiday flavor, single cup Flavia filterpacks are so tasty and can be served many ways at your holiday get-togethers. Also, they don't come in traditional rails. Rather, they arrive in new special edition flip-top boxes that are cute enough to keep out on the counter.

The new Pumpkin Spice is a tasty, fragrant blend of cinnamon and nutmeg. The Gingerbread flavor is a combo of cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Both are in a black coffee base. You can use them with the indulgence flavor setting (2-pack) on your Flavia machine, combined with the cappuccino. Or, blend with your favorite coffee creamer for a smooth trendy drink. Eggnog makes a great creamer for both of these drinks, and a dollop of brandy takes it to the party level.

The special edition holiday display boxes make great gifts for your Alterra / Flavia drinking family & friends. No need to even wrap the Alterra Gingerbread coffee - just add a bow and gift tag and it's pretty enough for under the tree. The Alterra Pumpkin Spice is nice enough to sit on your Thanksgiving buffet table.

These new flavors are limited editions- don't expect them to be around come springtime.Get em' while they got em.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flavia / Alterra Indulgence Beverages - Sooo Tasty & Versatile!

One can make so many tasty & awesome drinks with the single cup Flavia / Alterra "Indulgence" flavors! You'll find yourself coming up with new recipes on the fly.

What are the "Indulgence" beverages? There are only 3, but once you know how to use them, they are sure to become a fave. These drinks are: Dove hot chocolate; Milky Way Swirl; Cappuccino Swirl. They are to be used with the 2 step setting on your Flavia coffee machine. After setting your machine correctly, put the Indulgence packet in, let it finish, and then put your other packet in. If you have an electronic Flavia machine, it will prompt you to change packets.

        On example of a simple indulgence recipe is your basic choco-coffee drink. That's a Dove packet plus any coffee flavor you like- but the Hazelnut & Vanilla are the most popular coffees to use with the Dove. You might also combine the Dove with Peppermint Herbal Bright Tea to make a Peppermint Patty type drink that can be served over ice. (Let it cool off a bit before icing.)

With your Cappuccino Latte Swirl packet, you can make many frothy drinks, cheaper and more tasty than a certain coffee chain that charges way too much. For instance, combine your Cappuccino Latte Swirl with Espresso or Barista's Blend for a simple classic. You can use *any* kind of coffee with this packet, but another interesting combo is the Chai Latte- use the Chai Spice tea with the Cappuccino and you'll have yourself a smooth yet spicy treat.

Milky Way Swirl- it's a delicious topper-offer for any coffee, but Vanilla in particular. It makes a smooth, velvety drink that will totally remind you of the Milky Way candy bars you know and love. Milky Way Swirl can also be combined with Dove chocolate. If you're feeling really crazy you can get a large mug and combine Dove, Milky Way, and Cappuccino.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Delicious Flavia / Alterra Teas by the Bright Tea Co.!

The Bright Tea Co. specialty teas are now being made for the Flavia single cup beverage system. The Flavors have some of the same themes, but different names and somewhat different recipes.

Currently, there are 10 flavors of Bright Teas available. The quality is the same or better than the old Flavia recipes, so you don't have to worry about being disappointed in the new flavors! The packaging is at once trendy and yet more classic, and the colors are bright, much more attractive to have sitting on your counters at home or the front room of your corporate office.

The two classic "British" brews, Earl Grey & English Breakfast, have the same name. The next most popular Bright Teas by Alterra / Flavias are the Asian style teas: Green Tea with Jasmine is a fragrant treat, with every sip you get an ever-so-slight breath of jasmine flower (it's best flavored with honey). Bright Tea Japanese Green is the traditional Sencha / Matcha reminiscent of the elegant Japanese tea ceremonies. Select Green is a stronger green packed with antioxidents.
Another fragrant choice is Bright Tea Co. White Tea with Orange. It is a delicate white brew overlaid with just a hint of orange essence. Chai Spice is just like the old Flavia Exotic Chai, but a tad spicier, with a slightly more prominent cinnamon base. Bright Tea Co. Peppermint Herbal is an excellent beverage to sip when you've got a cold (helps open up those airways); when you have mild stomach irritations (Peppermint is a traditional remedy for stomach complaints); Raspberry Herbal is a bit of a pick-me-up: It's somewhat peppery and a tweak in the nose. Bright Tea Lemon Herbal? Calm and laid back and very tasty.

Many of the teas are as good iced as they are served warm. The Peppermint Herbal & White with Orange are especially refreshing when cold.

If you've never tried the new Bright Tea Co. teas, now's the time.