Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's been a year- How is Alterra Coffee from Flavia Faring?

It's been about a year since Flavia coffees & teas from M&M Mars released it's new recipes from the well known coffee chain, Alterra Roasters and Bright Teas. (For the one-cup Flavia systems.)

So how has it gone over?  Flavia distributors, at first, were understandably apprehensive about how loyal Flavia coffee drinkers would feel about the changed and somewhat new recipes. Aside from only the (very few) most cantankerous and stubborn of customers, the new Alterra & Bright Tea flavors have been gladly accepted and enjoyed by all.

Of the newest flavors, Alterra Barista's Blend has been clearly the biggest new favorite! It's a dark, smoky roast, reminiscent of Flavia's discontinued Intense Dark Roast, but with a much more complex flavor.

A medium roast that is gaining popularity is Alterra Foundry Blend- a plain and simple, yet tasty choice perfect for an after dinner brew.

Of course, the old faves are still going strong, though they have slightly different recipes and names. For instance, the old Flavia Breakfast Blend is now Alterra Morning Roast. Flavia Exotic Chai tea is now "Chai Spice".

Even the Alterra Flavia one-cup packets have gotten a real face-lift. They now sport a more trendy, colorful profile, featuring modern graphics. The Bright Tea packets are styled to enhance their focus on eco-friendly, sustainability, important to the modern consumer.

If you haven't tried the new Alterra coffees and Bright Co. Teas, then let yourself in for a treat- Join the thousands of happy Alterra fans!

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