Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alterra Roasters - Flavia Coffee Gets A New Style!!!

Flavia coffee- the best gourmet, one-cup coffee system on the market... now has a new look and even some new tastes- as well as a new take on some old faves. Introducing Alterra Roasters coffee and Bright Co. Teas!

Alterra is a well known chain of gourmet coffee roasters based in the midwest. Their recipes will replace all the coffee flavors. Many of the names of the coffees will remain the same- but the tastes will differ somewhat. Rest assured, these new recipes will offer the same outstanding quality as the old Flavia recipes, but with an exiting new flavor.

Bright Teas Co. will now be replacing Flavia teas. Many of the teas have new names but you can recognize their flavor type, as the names are very similar. Of course the flavors will be great!

The indulgence drinks, such as Dove hot chocolate, Milky Way Swirl, and Cappuccino, will not be changed at all- they remain in their original deliciousness.

Now for the most exiting part- ALL NEW flavors to try out in your Flavia one-cup coffee machine! The new coffee flavors include:

Alterra Roasters Foundry Blend - a hint of molasses and chocolate.
Alterra Roasters Aritsan Blend - nobody even has a description yet, it's so new- but promising!
Alterra Roasters Barista Blend - rich, dark and smoky.

There's even a NEW tea to try, Bright Tea Co. new Select Green - has a nutty aroma and taste.

I'm sure you'll join us in our excitement about these new flavors and updated, modern new look. You can purchase these great new flavors, and for a limited time, your old favorites- at .

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