Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Raves for the New Alterrra Roasters Coffees and Bright Teas!

So far, it's been a great reception for the new line of coffee and teas made for the Flavia single-cup beverage systems. Alterra Roasters, the great Midwestern coffee chain, has hit a home run with both their new flavors, and their old favorite Flavia recipes.

The coffees are bolder, and somewhat fresher tasting- and that's a big deal since Flavia coffees were already ultra-fresh. For instance, the new Alterra Kona blend has that same wonderful, earthy and fruity taste with no bitterness- yet it's somehow more intense.

The Bright Co. teas are just what their name implies- bright, and a little more intense than before. The Chai is a little spicier, the Lemon is a little twangier.

For a familiar, yet freshly bold new take on your Flavia faves, be sure to try out all the Alterra and Bright Tea flavors.

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